Box Factory since 1963

Box Factory

Since 1963, Our goal is to produce boxes with the best quality / price ensuring high standards of customization in order to enhance the products of our customers.

Custom boxes

We manufacture and distribute custom boxes for the footwear and giftware. The customization extends to both the size of the box and printed graphics. The start of production of a print personalized service requires a minimum order quantity of 500 boxes.

Personalized Tissue Paper

The customization also extends to the distribution of tissue paper of various types: neutral or printed with the logo of our customers.

Standard boxes

According to the settings of the production lines distribute boxes without the need for minimum order quantity. This type of 'offer may be evaluated from time to time by opening a request from the contact section of the site.

Production boxes

Boxes of various sizes in the microwave with cardboard and printed colors: a briefcase, with eye inside coupled with embossing


In Italy and Europe backed by timely delivery and efficient means of transportation and their staff.